Dr.Harleen Kaur advises all the Parents to choose a school which provides lot of extracurricular activities.

How the Good School is like?

According to me , “ A good School is one which provides lot of extracurricular activities besides the rigorous curriculum, which helps the child in skill development.”

Dr.Harleen Kaur

It has always been a hot topic of debate between educators and parents that extracurricular activities are not as important academics. But I strongly differ as the extracurricular activities are crucial part of child development.

As The School Head, I am a strong promoter of extracurricular activities in school,   lot of parents come and say me that they will me more happy if the child gets distinction in all the subjects. Bagging trophies for dance or sports at inter school or district level does not prepare them for future career opportunities.

And I say How do you say that?
Well  if you want your child  to  be an army officer he needs to   clear his NDA test (national defense academy)which includes his written test, oral interview and his physical fitness test………no school or board exam marks…..oops…. So what about your child’s report card?  and Where does its value stand?

I think same for the other exams…like hotel management…They don’t consider your Report Card.… clearing your written entrance paper which is just aptitude test they call you for oral interview and group discussion, to test your social, interpersonal skills,  communication & your leadership skills.

Last year one parent came to me with his child  in our school, he brought his daughter’s report card to show that the child has scored 99% in almost all subjects including English and Hindi. So how come she did not pass in your  entrance exam.I started conversing  with his daughter in English, to my surprise she could not converse in English. Then I told the Father If the child is not understanding and speaking in English how did she get 99% marks in English? So I don’t have to say you further.

What do we mean by extra curricular activities? Well those who don’t know let me tell you in simple language that any activity outside classroom or academic teaching is extracurricular activity. Its derived from two words extra means outside curricular means work done in class room. Extracurricular includes lot of activities like myriad sports activities, arts, dance, music, drama,singing, community service, hiking, blogging, culinary etc. and the list is almost endless.

I personally think that it is not just the classroom teaching which nurtures the young kids ,it’s their participation in extracurricular activities which  help them to develop a strong physical and social personality, not only this it helps them in building team spirit, fostering leadership, building confidence, passion and  dedication  about their skill.
According to me only reading and writing skill is not important for overall development of child, some sort of outdoor activity is very important for a good and a confident personality.
In my School, I make sure each and every student pursues some type of extracurricular activity and I myself see the tremendous amount of benefit the child gets. Following are the few things which I observed in few of my students after  they took admission in my school:
  • It Highlighted their Individuality and Improved their academic results.
  • Boosted their confidence and self esteem
  •  It Developed their collaboration  and social skills.
  •  It Lead to Better time management skills & commitment for task completion.

 For those who are not aware that, Participating in extracurricular activities  helps you in education abroad also:

So I conclude by saying We as Parents should look a school which provides extra curricular activities to the children.

Dr.Harleen Kaur




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